Bitcoin & Open Source

To sign up using Bitcoin, just go through the flow below. We'll use the email to create your account and send the next steps to it as well (it will be the way you log in)

Open Source

We believe the future is Open Source. We opt for self-hosted solutions whenever possible and run many of our own services. Our founders are not even developers! Here are some that we use and recommend:

  • Ghost CMS - you are reading this on it :)
  • MetaBase - Our reports and dashboards are all based on MetaBase
  • - When you talk to our sales team, you likely see a link to cal
  • Matomo Tag Manager & Analytics - if you allowed tracking, it is our self hosted matomo that is handling your choice (via the Tag Manager) and the actual Analytics (also via the tag manager).
  • BTCPayServer - If you know Bitcoin, you knnow what the widget above is.
  • Ubuntu - All our servers and laptops run on Ubuntu

And some that we plan on using in the near future

  • Matrix chat - Instead of our current Slack and to make it easy to provide and federate support in the future
  • Nextcloud - For document sharing and groupware. We're still bound to use G Suite because it is extremely low maintance, but we intend on moving to NextCloud at some point
  • RudderStackk - we don't yet need a CDP, but when we do, we have our choice
  • N8N & NodeRed - Currently most of our internal automations are handled via, but we hope to migrate to somethign self-hosted
  • Mastodon - Making a move to have some of our social media present in the fediverse is a wish, but given the growth of NOSTR, we might wait and see for a bit longer (also since none of our clients are in either yet)