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And What If I Don’t
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Should I still pay?


Would you back up your data if your system hasn’t crashed lately?

Would you pay for your Home Security System if you didn’t get a break in this month?

Would you delete your Antivirus if you’ve never been infected?

Your budget, your call!
Better be safe than fooled.

Our Clients’ Results
Fabio Krauss George Abramishvili

Fabio Krauss &
George Abramishvili

Spoof Defender

In the last 2 years of working with SaaS businesses with Affiliate programs, we noticed that 9/10 struggle to keep them fraud-free.

Yup... And while it's easier than ever to get affiliates, it’s harder than ever to monitor their behavior.

Most SaaS brands with affiliate programs face two main challenges:

  1. Identifying and stopping fraudulent affiliates
  2. And keeping them out of their program for good

This often results in higher CPCs, less organic brand traffic, and an affiliate program that looks like it's growing but in reality isn't boosting organic revenue.

That’s why we built Spoof Defender - to give SaaS brands with growing Affiliate programs a leg-up in the game.

So we'd love for you to give it a try!