Spoof Defender - Stop leaking!

Stop leaking money to bad affiliates!

Most affiliate programs leak commissions to malicious users, who buy search ads on your brand terms. You can't see them in any Google Ads report, yet you pay them every single month

🔎 They bid on your brand

Not only they steal your brand traffic, but that increases your own brand campaigns' CPC! Destroying the ROI on your brand efforts 📉

And you pay them, every month 💸

👀 They hide in your brand traffic and you have no way to find them other than searching for your brand manually & regularly country by country

If only there was a way to find these guys... And stop losing money

Spoof Defender monitors the main search engines for your branded terms. By integrating with your affiliate management system, we notify you when an affiliate is infringing your affiliate terms, so you can take action.

When affiliates bid on your brand terms they

  • Effectively steal about 50% of your organic traffic - that is a common click through rate in a branded ad. You pay them to do so
  • Raise your CPCs - when you run search ads, you will mysteriously see your cost per click increase too. Even when no competitors are bidding on you. Google will not flag that in their reports since Auction Insights is based on domains, and your affiliates advertise your own domain.

The installation is minimal, you only provide us keywords and tell which affiliate system you use. Then you watch the reports flow in and the money fly back into your budget.

Sign up for Spoof Defender and start actually growing your brand, not being doing manual work to police all your affiliates. Your newfound time can be used to recruit better affiliates and improve your relationship with your existing ones.

Don't leave it for tomorrow, the first 7 days are on us!